Sunday, November 4, 2007

Alexei Nikolaevich, Crown Prince of Russia


Sanctus Belle said...

I believe that the monarchy form of government is ideal. Only problem is the rampant corruption and abject selfishness of so many monarchs...historically speaking. If kings and queens could be humble, selfless governors, righteous and just. We'd be much better off than in this "democracy"

Jeffrey Smith said...

Problem is, the problem's worse with presidents. Most monarchs have been much less corrupt and far less selfish than the average "man of the people".

Sanctus Belle said...

Point well taken Jeffrey. Only counter point is in a democracy if the President is an arse he's voted out. A maledict King/Queen you are stuck with for life.

Ad Orientem said...

Holy Royal Martyr Alexeii Nikolaiovich pray for me!


Anonymous said...

Holy Right-Believing Tsarevich-Martyr Alexei, pray to God for us poor sinners!

Alexei would have gone down in history as Alexei the Enterprising if only there had been more patience in this world.